MESSER TEHNOGAS AD BEOGRAD: What Makes a Great Foreign Investor

What seems to be unimaginable to others, represents one of Messer’s biggest distinction: enhanced quality of its products along with very competitive pricing

Partnering with Tehnogas, Messer joined the Serbian market back in 1997, a moment when many others would opt for a different destination. The decision turned out to be a winning one, as the following two decades unraveled into a success story few others had the pleasure to experience. Marking its 20th anniversary, Messer Tehnogas is now a leader in producing and distributing industrial, medical and specialty gases, and cutting and welding equipment in Serbia, and owes its position to a tradition of high-quality products and genuine customer care, very competitive pricing, as well as care for the community. Offering a perfect combination of German professionalism and high-end technology on the one side, and Serbian passion and commitment on the other side, Messer was immediately seen as an indispensable partner, earning the trust of many.

Messer quickly showed that its intentions were serious by investing major funds and efforts to improve the business environment and by developing local production capacities. What seems to be unimaginable to others, represents one of Messer’s biggest distinction: enhanced quality of its products along with competitive pricing. Company’s comprehensive and specialized expertise in application technology is main factor to the optimization of processes in terms of quality, economy and innovation. Being the only producer of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and helium in Serbia, the company manages to fully supply the local market, using the capacities of 3 Air Separation Units, as well as other gases’ production plants and filling stations. Messer Tehnogas has in-house engineering, installation and technical service teams and over 50 tank trailers and trucks guaranteeing its customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year technical and logistical coverage. Service quality is one of the top priorities for the company, given the fact that Messer Tehnogas has obtained all relevant certificates in the field.

It is the first and only company in Serbia with the Certificate of GMP compliance from a European Ministry of Health for the medical liquid oxygen and nitrous oxide products. Paying great attention to safety, health, quality and environment, it has certified the Quality Management System and the Environmental Management System for the design, production and sales of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, acetylene, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and gas mixtures, and fulfilled the requirements according to ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015 and FSSC 22000 standard. More than 300 application technologies make Messer a common ingredient in a variety of industries. Though invisible to the naked eye, the gases are a key element in drinking water purification, freezing and conserving food, fish farms, carbonizing soft drinks and packaging non-carbonated liquids, greenhouses, waste water treatment, application of oxygen and nitrous oxide in medicine, metallurgical processes, cutting and welding, petrochemical and chemical industry, recycling waste materials, and many more. Continuing its mission to hold the leading position in Serbia and in Southeast Europe, the plans for the future include a number of significant investments, the promotion of environment-friendly techniques, the initiation of the new CSR projects thereby contributing to the overall positive development of the country.

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