METRO CASH & CARRY: 15 Years of Support to the LOCAL ECONOMY

2020 marks the 15th anniversary of METRO Cash & Carry business in Serbia. Over the last decade and a half in this country and more than 55 years worldwide, the global wholesale specialist has helped independent traders and HoReCa professionals nurture and develop their entrepreneurial spirit

With decades of experience in various markets around Europe and Asia and 15 years in Serbia, a vast food and nonfood range of more than 25.000 products, a team of dedicated professionals always ready to provide expertise and knowledge to our customers, delivery service and digital innovations that make customers’ everyday operations seamless – METRO Cash & Carry is proud to be a reliable partner and a one-stop-shop for HoReCa professionals and independent traders.

Last year, on a global level, the German company recorded the strongest wholesale business growth in a decade. Results in Serbia followed stable trends as well. “METRO Cash & Carry remains committed to the Serbian market which provides a lot of opportunities for further development and growth, given our new momentum and re-established focus on pure wholesale. We will also continue to focus our business on products and services (e.g. Food service delivery) that cater to the needs of our core target groups, offering them the best possible quality assortment and thus helping them grow successful businesses of their own”, says André Rinnensland, CEO of METRO Cash & Carry Serbia.

As a company with a sound instinct for what its customers – HoReCa sector and Traders – really need, METRO remains dedicated to providing superb customer experience, high-quality tailored product assortments, effective sales channels and delivery model, but also services such as advanced training support which will make small businesses more successful. Knowing that any local economy is only as strong as its entrepreneurs, METRO Cash & Carry has focused on promoting the importance of small independent family businesses, and providing them advice and strategic support in order to strengthen their position. “What we’ve seen in the Serbian market over the last 15 years is a dynamic development of the hospitality sector with even more potential for further growth”, says Rinnensland, adding that METRO Cash & Carry remains firmly dedicated to maintaining its position as THE partner of choice for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs from the HoReCa sector. “METRO is basing its success on the long-term loyalty of our customers, which comes from our ability to anticipate their needs and offer solutions that make their businesses more adaptable, competitive and sustainable”, says the METRO Cash & Carry Serbia CEO.

Sustainability is deeply incorporated in all aspects of METRO’s business operations and is strongly rooted in the company’s corporate strategy and working culture. All METRO suppliers must meet high quality requirements and respect environmental and social standards with the primary goal of increasing transparency and sustainability throughout the supply chain. “Equally important, as an employer, METRO Cash & Carry is dedicated to ensuring ethical and fair working conditions, authentic leadership and employees’ development”, underlines Rinnensland, adding that the company is also highly engaged in dialogue and activities related to a wide range of important economic and social issues such as fighting the grey economy, supporting further development of entrepreneurship, youth employment, food waste and supporting vulnerable social groups.

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