Miele is building a new factory in Ksawerów, Poland

In order to create the preconditions for further growth, Miele announced in February this year the intention to establish another factory for the production of washing machines in neighboring Ksawerów, Poland.

The decision on a precise location has been made and can be made public: Miele will build its own factory in Ksaverov, just a few kilometers from the town of Lódź, the third largest metropolis in the country with 700,000 inhabitants. “This region can look back on a long industrial tradition, it offers experienced and skilled labour and a rich network of potential suppliers and partners for market co-operation,” says Dr. Stefan Breit, executive director for technology at the Miele Group, commenting on the location selection. In addition, this location provides excellent logistics thanks to, for example, the A2 highway from Berlin to Warsaw and one of the largest and most modern rail freight warehouses.

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