Milena Obradović, Marketing Manager at Lesaffre RS for Serbia, Oriental & Central Europe Zone: There are no limits to quality communication

Investing in the bakery business, the Lesaffre Company through its products has been present in the Serbian market for more than two decades

Lesaffre company as a primarily B2B oriented company invest a great effort in customer relationship. Communication, trust and respect are the three main axes that we are following through our business model. Having in mind current circumstances due to COVID, it is definitely a challenge to keep this orientation toward our partners and key clients. This means that we hade to look for the right and new models to stay in constant contact with the industrial bakery segment, craft bakeries and key stakeholders we make business with. Although digital is not a primary and preferred communication channel for our target group, we put a strong effort to support clients and to stay in contact this way.


Milena Obradović, Marketing Manager at Lesaffre RS

To what extent has Lesaffre in Serbia adapted to the new circumstances when it comes to B2B communication with customers?

In B2B business, keeping constant contact with customers and continue providing support is the key to success. Given that our company adheres the protection measures prescribed by law and the recommendations of our Group, we had to change our market approach in terms of communication. We did not hold events and seminars or have gatherings with customers at which we usually share experiences and knowledge and, of course, build relationships. That is why we used the new situation to maintain our contact with partners at any cost, primarily through digital communication channels. The event we organized in mid-September is the best proof that even in the current conditions, you can organize a quality event, exchange experiences and have a good time. We are especially glad that the guests were delighted with the idea to meet, at least in this way, which is unusual for all of us. Now that we have mastered this as well, we realize that there are no limits to quality communication as anything is possible.

What was the reason for the event you held recently at the Crowne Plaza Hotel?

We wanted to assemble the winners of the last Pekarijada competition and the members of the jury, to exchange opinions and prepare for the next event. We put together a unique hybrid online event Virtual gathering Pekarijada champions September 2020. Since the event was supposed to take place in early March, we have already prepared and adapted everything we had planned to the new situation, because the guests watched the event from their homes, via the Zoom application. Of course, while adhering all prevention measures at the gathering in the outdoor area of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, we hired professional hosts who moderated the programme, had very professional technical support staff in terms of lighting and we had cameras to film the event from the air and make the whole programme look like an outdoor TV show. Our three colleagues from the company were the host’s event, while the other colleagues watched the event remotely, together with other guests. On the same day, the guests were treated to a home delivery service so they didn’t have to leave the comfort of their homes and got personalized gifts that were their framed photos and a plaque with their names. We exchanged experiences and on that occasion received useful suggestions for the next competitions. The event’s participants had the opportunity to test the new Lesaffre products that were home-delivered to them in a package and got to assess the quality of the products in an online survey during the event. An artist who performed on the electric violin during the break was a special treat.

What impressions do you take from the event? Did you get any useful tips that you can use for the next Pekarijada?

The Lesaffre Company is immensely proud of Pekarijada, its longevity and all the participants who made it possible for our modest project to grow into a prestigious event. For years, we have been choosing the best bakeries in Serbia while trying to improve the professional standards in baking. The observations of the participants, who relay to use their experiences first-hand and give valuable advice, are of great importance to us. We value other people’s opinions, and we are professionals who pay equal attention to praise and criticism. We want to do everything in our power to raise this lovely event to an even higher level.

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