Milky Juice – a new beverage

Nectar Company, the largest producer of fruit juices and processor of fruits and vegetables in Southeast Europe, presented a new production line for the production of Milky Juice, refreshing non’carbonated soft drink with fruit juice and milk (a variation of the traditional Dominican beverage “morrir soñando”) .

Francesco Faella, generalni direktor Tetra Pak Jugoistocna Evropa i Miha...

“The development of the technology itself, recipes and testing lasted for two years in close cooperation with our longtime partner Tetrapak” said Mihailo Janković, director of Nectar Group. “For us to be a leader in innovation is one of the strategic goals”, said Francesco Faella Managing Director Tetra Pak for South Eastern Europe. Combining fruit juice and milk a new, refreshing beverage is obtained which combines the best of these two categories. It contains no preservatives, artificial colours or fat, and is an excellent source of vitamins A, C and E. Milky Nectar Juice is already on sale, and is available in three flavuors – pineapple & coconut with milk, banana, strawberry & red grapes with milk and orange & peach with milk.

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