Miloš Milovanović, COO and Co Founder at Blinking Company: Blinking Focuses on Innovation

Digital transformation is the key to the development and success of agile companies

A person’s identity speaks about the person in question – from the basic information we are assigned at birth (name, surname, etc.), through education, work history and a set of activities we perform every day. We are talking to Miloš Milovanović, COO and Co Founder at  Blinking Company, about digital identity.

Miloš Milovanović, COO and Co Founder at Blinking Company

“When it comes to digital identity, personal identity is transferred to the digital sphere, while overcoming the challenges that arise from that – various kinds of misuse of user privacy and data protection – but also ensuring the reliability for entities that cooperate with a person in terms of their data matching the stated one. Within the set of these limitations, we create software and hardware solutions that transfer our identity to the digital world and enable the subjects of business cooperation to be reliable and protected, and the whole process transparent.”

How did you come up with the idea to start a company that deals with this business activity?

We came to a conclusion that we, as citizens, do not have adequate solutions in this area, therefore our company was created out of sheer necessity. The technological process of transformation in the direction of digital is in full swing, so this idea proved to be valid and necessary on the market.

Do our companies recognize the need for digital transformation?

No matter what segment you operate in, you always have regulatory restrictions that force you to get to know the client adequately. This often requires physical interaction, a large number of points of sale, processing costs, and a lot of paperwork. It is easier to standardize everything through the appropriate support systems that we as a company have developed. Business is undergoing a transformation, but not only internally, since clients are the basic driver of income and growth, and that is the first point that we need to deal with in terms of digital transformation.

To what extent did Blinking’s client base grow since the company’s inception and what is the standard profile of your clients?

We are growing very fast, we are gaining new clients, and we are present in a large number of sectors – telecommunications, banking and finance, e-commerce, brokers, but also games of chance and entertainment. We provided access to new markets for them, i.e. to people who might not usually consider doing business with them. These are, first and foremost, younger generations who are digitally literate and used to online interaction. We can help any company that needs to work with clients in a digital way to get to know their clients better and build a lasting relationship from which they can develop many different products and services in the digital sphere. Blinking has an enviable base of very satisfied customers and that is our driving force. We are oriented towards innovation, as evidenced by the numerous awards and patents we have. We have just been granted patent rights in the United States for an innovative technology that is truly pioneering. Our patent opens up the opportunity to create a digital identity in a distributed or blockchain environment. The most important aspect of this is protecting sensitive data.

Has the number of your foreign clients increased?

We have a significant client base in the region and our clients come from Switzerland, Great Britain and Canada. We are expanding globally and our focus is to be an important factor first on the European market.

We have no competition because we are dealing with complex technology, have top-notch staff and possess significant know-how in very specific areas”

It is also important for us to use the technology to foster the development of both Serbia and the region so that companies can experience rapid growth and break into new markets. Our goal is to dominate in these areas where, for now, we have no competition because we are dealing with complex technology, have top-notch staff and possess significant know-how in very specific areas. We want to be synonymous with quality in digital identity.

How has the pandemic affected your company’s business?

The pandemic has alienated people and largely directed them towards online interaction, which has resulted in a stronger interest in the services and opportunities provided by our company. On the other hand, the pandemic is not good for the economy as a whole, and in order to provide services to large sectors, they need to grow too. We would rather operate in stable conditions and traditional economic flows.

We had to learn how to be a player in a big game with small resources, which resulted in our team forging a strong character, and nurturing a sense of togetherness and strong cohesion. The Balkan ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking have helped us do things that are more technologically advanced than in the West.

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