Mirjana Šarenac Mičić appointed as General Manager of TRB

Mirjana Šarenac Mičić is the new General Manager of Tehnički remont Bratunac /TRB/.

Majority owner and previous General Manager Slaven Ristić has appointed Mičić after many years of successfully managing TRB projects in Namibia.

Mirjana Šarenac Mičić, General Manager of Tehnički remont Bratunac /TRB/

Mirjana plans to continue to develop the company in Bratunac in three main directions – human resource strengthening, development of new products and improvement of existing ones, and to contribute to the development of the environment where the company operates.

“My vision is primarily to continue to actively invest in quality technical and engineering staff because they are the basis and the wealth on which the development of new products is based. We are constantly working, trying to develop new products, increase existing capacities and we will continue to do so in the future. And we will soon provide more information about a brand new product”, Mičić states.

She underlined that they will continue to work on strengthening TRB’s recognisability both on domestic and international markets.

Mirjana Šarenac Mičić has been with TRB since 2014, when she first started working as a volunteer, and then as an intern. One could draw a parallel between her professional development and the development path of the company itself.

She was born in Sarajevo, she moved to Bratunac with her parents in 1996, after the war. After graduating from the Faculty of Law, she applied for volunteer work at the urging of her father, a longtime worker of Tehnički remont Bratunac although at that time she did not want to work at TRB, knowing how much trouble they were in before the privatization. The decision to actually step through the door of this company in search of work is the result of the immense faith and conviction of her father that Mr. Ristić was the person who will bring changes and work miracles. Two months after starting her volunteer work, she received an internship contract, and very soon after that, an offer to work in Namibia.

“I believe that I am one of the few examples of employees in our environment who have been given the unconditional trust to advance from volunteer and intern /September 2014/ to General Manager /September 2021/ in such a short period of time. I had the great fortune to learn from the best from the very beginning and therefore I have great gratitude and respect for Mr. Ristić, who gave me great support from day one and who often believed in my abilities and success more than I did. Our mutual desire and energy to achieve successful results have been recognized. A clear vision, discipline, dedication and responsibility towards work are crucial keys to success and every employer should motivate their employees in this way, “said Mičić.

She worked in Namibia for six years – first as an administrative worker, then she became head of administration, Project Manager, and finally Regional Manager.

“It is a wonderful country with lovely and benevolent people and fascinating nature. It is very well organized and one of the most stable countries in the southern part of Africa with a low crime rate, you can move freely, and it offers wonderful tourist locations … I started my engagement in Namibia in 2015, and only a year later my then partner and now husband joined the team. Motivation is also extremely important but also when the employer takes into account the employee, his personal needs and his family situation, and the consequences of possible distance from the place of residence. I also had wonderful cooperation and unconditional support from the TRB team in Namibia in all the years of my work so far. Together we overcame all obstacles, achieved great results and became a very successful team. In these six years, I have learned that there is nothing without a team. I can’t do anything alone, but together we can do everything. That is TRB “, Mičić says.

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