Miroslav Plišo: The road has always been tiring, difficult and long-lasting

Miroslav Plišo, general manager of Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery (Croatia), speaking about the beginnings at the “Summer 2023” conference panel, said that it started from small things.

“The journey has always been hard, difficult and long. We started 20-odd years ago with one five-star house with four rooms, after that we grew to 20 and this year we will be somewhere around 68 bedrooms sometime from the beginning of next month “, he pointed out. In order for the hotel to grow, there was a need to be accompanied by quality ancillary facilities. “At the same time, we built not only rooms, but also all other facilities that a hotel should have in order to fill those rooms, including FNB, two restaurants, one beach facility. We built the winery a couple of years ago, put it into operation, integrated that whole part and, of course, integrated processes that were important simply so that our growth is not too strong, and that the rest of the infrastructure does not follow it,” said Plišo.

Investments in marketing and sales representatives began last year. “Last year, we started investing a lot in marketing and sales. Decent marketing that refers to quality and points to the existence of Menegeti. We took many sales representatives all over the world, mostly, of course, we addressed the German-speaking area and America, England which are our traditional guests and they come the most, but without neglecting Serbia, from which we receive a lot of guests, very satisfied guests, a very good clientele, Slovenians and, of course, Croats, always present,” Plišo added, stressing that that part (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia) accounts for a total of 30 percent of their total revenues. In his address, he stated that, along with the development of the hotel itself, the wine sector was developing at the same time, in which quantities and quality increased, and that, as well as that, due to all those obligations, you didn’t sleep very much in the previous years.

The entire conference can be viewed HERE.

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