MK Commerce by far the largest exporter of agriculture in Serbia

According to jury of Novi Sad Fair of Agriculture, MK Commerce, a member of MK Group, has been declared the largest exporter of grains and oilseeds.

In 2016, the exports of Serbian agriculture increased by 16.2 percent compared to 2015, while exporting of the company MK Commerce represents a quarter of total exports of agricultural and food products. “This wealth of experience we transmit to processing of more than 40,000 ha of land in Serbia and Ukraine, and in addition, the company MK Group has reliable and world-renowned partners such as the companies Cargill, Glencore, Nidera and others. In addition to the capacity of the silo for sugar which is 300,000 tonnes, MK Commerce has a storage capacity of 500.000t which are arranged on almost every 14 km around Vojvodina.” said Nemanja Vuković, director of MK Commerce. In the framework of the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, the prize for the biggest export of flour was won by the company Žito Bka which also operates within MK Group system.

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