MK Group and AIK Bank Donated EUR 350,000 to Kindergarten in Serbia

Donations within the socially responsible program “Family Support” continued investment in children, young people, and families.

Photo: Jakov Simović

The companies MK Group and AIK Banka donated 350,000 euros to kindergartens throughout Serbia this year. Preschool institutions in Vrbas, Bečej, Pećinci, Kovačica, Novi Sad, Niš, Raška and Golubac received funds for renovation and equipment. Thanks to donations to improve conditions in these institutions, children now live in a more beautiful and creative environment.

The Minister of Education in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, prof. dr. Slavica Djukić Dejanović. The Ministry of Education provided support during the selection process of pre-school institutions that received funds, with the focus being on the municipalities where MK Group operates.

prof. dr. Slavica Djukić Dejanović, Photo: Jakov Simović

Minister of Education prof. dr. Slavica Djukić Dejanović pointed out that the preschool institution “Boško Buha” in Vrbas is one of the eight preschool institutions that received the support of socially responsible companies – MK Group and AIK Bank. “In recent years, the Ministry of Education has been building and upgrading the facilities of preschool institutions throughout Serbia. The goal of the Ministry is to provide additional capacities in kindergartens so that children’s coverage of preschool education and education is as high as possible,” she said and added that improving the availability, quality and fairness of preschool education and education is one of the strategic priorities of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Education.

Jovan Purar, director of the legal and general affairs sector of MK Group, spoke about the regional socially responsible program “Support to the family”, which is implemented jointly by MK Group and AIK Bank.

Jovan Purar, Photo: Jakov Simović

MK Group and AIK Banka are implementing the project “Support to the family” together this year, within which we allocated 750,000 euros for the renovation and equipping of more than 20 kindergartens in the entire Adria region. We donated 350,000 euros to eight kindergartens in Serbia, in the municipalities where we operate. Vrbas is especially important for us because there are many children of our employees there. In this municipality, we employ 850 people in Carnex and the Sunoko sugar factory. We hope that the renovation of this kindergarten contributed to better conditions and a nicer upbringing for our little ones. Also, we are happy to invest in new generations who are our future, and we believe that the best is yet to come“, said Jovan Purar.

The donation to the kindergarten “Bubica” within the preschool institution “Boško Buha” in Vrbas included the complete renovation of two floors, with the replacement of floors and doors, the purchase of new furniture for the children’s rooms, furnishing the bathroom, tidying up the yard and decorating the kitchen.

Photo: Jakov Simović

I would like to thank MK Group and AIK Bank, which, as part of their socially responsible program, donated 170,000 euros for the reconstruction of our kindergarten in Vrbas. I believe that this donation will contribute to the quality of growing up and a better future for our youngest, and it will significantly help our employees when performing daily activities aimed at children“, concluded Nebojša Dešić, director of the kindergarten in Vrbas.

After the completion of the project in Serbia, during the next month, the works will be completed in kindergartens that received donations in Montenegro, Slovenia, and Croatia on the occasion of the jubilee of four decades of MK Group work. By the end of the year, a total of more than 20 kindergartens in the entire Adria region will be reconstructed.


Photo: Jakov Simović

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