Mol Serbia appointed Milenko Janković new CEO

MOL Serbia has appointed Milenko Janković new Company’s CEO.

Mr Janković has more than 20 years of experience at different managerial positions. Further development of MOL Serbia will remain in the Company’s focus in the period to come, in accordance with the targets set in the recently updated MOL Group’s “SHAPE TOMORROW” 2030+ strategy.

Milenko Janković, CEO MOL Serbia

With his expertise and vast experience acquired at different managerial positions, Milenko Janković will make a significant contribution to MOL Serbia’s development with his management, leadership skills and realization of key projects with an aim to achieve even better results in the period to come.

”I am honoured to be given this opportunity to contribute to the strengthening of MOL Serbia company with my experience. The main target remains unchanged in the period to come – the expansion of the retail network launched in the previous year. In this way, we will get better acquainted with the customers, in order to provide top quality services, in accordance with their needs. I will pay special attention to the improvement of wholesale, as well as continuous professional development of employees. The market has been going through versatile changes caused by the pandemic. However, based on our experience, we know that a good team, good planning and good management can lead to the achievement of desired results. Our road ahead is challenging and includes further improvement of our services in Serbia, in accordance with MOL Group’s “SHAPE TOMORROW” 2030+ strategy, in order to position our company as one of the leaders in the retail sector and mobility services,” new MOL Serbia CEO Milenko Janković reiterated.

Milenko Janković launched his career in 1996, in Tehnooprema-Inženjering AD Beograd, and continued in Transjug AD Beograd. He joined Coca-Cola Hellenic in 1998. In those 21 years spent in Coca-Cola, he held several senior positions both in Serbia and the region.

Former MOL Serbia CEO, Zoltan Garai, continues his career as MOL Italy CFO and CEE Regional CFO.

“I am very proud of the fact that in the previous months I was at the helm of an inspiring team of exceptional professionals who managed to achieve positive business results together during the previous year. I hope that the MOL Serbia team will continue to operate in the same manner this year as well,” former MOL Serbia CEO Zoltan Garai explained.

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