Under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the 63rd International Book Fair in Belgrade, an illustrated monograph “From Immigrants to Inventor” was presented. Its basis is the eponymous autobiography for which Michael Idvorsky Pupin 1924 He received the Pulitzer Prize for Literature. The publisher is “Istok film” d.o.o. from Belgrade, and the book was printed by “Grafi-Color” (Graficolor) from Kraljevo.

In the presence of the host of the Ambassador of the Ministry of Education, Ljiljana Nikšić, the audience was addressed by the author of the book Miroslav Stankovic, the curator of the National Museum Petar Petrović, director of the Multimedia Project “Pupin, Serbia and the World – the 100th Anniversary of the Great War” Vladan Škorić and the Attaché for the Culture of the American Embassy in Belgrade Michael Brooke (Cultural Affairs Officer).
Special guests at the promotion were the descendants of Mihailo Pupin and his countryman and colleague Dr David Albala (Dr David Albala), Biljana Pupin and Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight from the USA.

Author and publisher Miroslav Stankovic, a film and television creator, said that the monograph was the product of his fifteen-year comprehensive multidisciplinary research and that he was extremely proud to have fulfilled his long-standing dream that this capital work, as represented on 330 pages with 101 illustrations, saw the light of day precisely at the international book fair in Belgrade.

“With this illustrated edition, I just wanted to combine the best of the Serbian prefix, its fine arts, literature, science, history and Serbian spirituality, and the book as such represents a kind of identity card of the Serbian people and the Republic of Serbia,” Stankovic stressed adding that “publishing this book also confirms the importance of preserving the culture of memory and respect for one’s own history and celebrities, as well as promoting and spreading national cultural and historical heritage. With this, we greatly contribute to the protection from the oblivion of such a great man, as was Mihajlo Pupin, but also the plays of other great minds from these areas, such as Nikola Tesla, Milutin Milanković, Mileva Einstein and many others ”

Project Director Vladan Škorić said that this is an outstanding publishing venture in which readers will be able to see in one place, for the first time in one place, significant documentation from the history of Serbian-American relations, which shows how much respect and respect it is, thanks to first of all Pupin, a small nation managed to be an important partner and friend of such a force as it was America, and emphasized that the friendship of President Wilson and Pupin was key to understanding the position and role of Serbia in international relations. The best confirmation of this is Wilson’s order to declare on the Day of the Fourth Anniversary of the Attack on Serbia on July 28, 1918, the Serbian flag at the White House as the first flag of a foreign country ever. This is a tribute to Serbia, its sacrifices and successes.


“The publication of this book is an important date in the history of Serbia, but also a significant stammer in the multi-layered and multifaceted mosaic of Serbian-American relations, and I am deeply convinced that it can be, as some kind of Pupin’s Covenant, one of the common denominators of our future successful cooperation” Škorić estimated.

The illustrated monograph “FROM IMMIGRANT TO INVENTOR” is just part of the great multimedia project “PUPIN, SERBIA AND THE WORLD – THE 100TH YEAR OF THE GREAT WAR” authored by Miroslav Stankovic, founder and director of EAST FILM from Belgrade.

In addition to this and other books that will be published on Pupin, the publication of the original English version is being prepared, and a 90-minute documentary film is planned, as well as a multimedia exhibition of paintings from Pupin’s legacy at the National Museum.

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