Morocco’s resilience, a model of authentic values in times of joy and adversity

The mere mention of Morocco as a tourist destination evokes exotic connotations for everyone, and since the 2022 World Cup, Serbian tourists have been increasingly keen to visit the Kingdom, despite the earthquake that shook the country last month.

Photo: Courtesy of Moroccan News Agency

In fact, Morocco’s authentic values are well-known throughout the world. These include solidarity, tolerance, dialogue, joy in all circumstances, and, above all, an unshakeable millennial attachment to the monarchy.

For his part, King Mohammed VI never fails to reciprocate the love shown to him with actions that reflect those authentic Moroccan values that have been so highly praised. In this respect, his edifying speech at the opening of the new legislative session contained profound messages of solidarity with his people.

Once again, the Head of State shared his people’s grief at the ordeal caused by the earthquake in Al Haouz and expressed his pride in the general spirit of mutual assistance that prevailed during this tragedy, which, in the words of the King, “represents a firm commitment to reconstruction, to continuing to provide aid and assistance to the affected families and to speeding up the rehabilitation and rebuilding of the affected areas”. In this regard, the monarch once again thanked the brotherly and friendly countries which, in his words, had shown solidarity and support for the Moroccan people during this painful catastrophe.

Another point demonstrating Morocco’s undeniable evolution as a Muslim country committed to moderation and sobriety is King Mohammed VI’s declaration of his country’s willingness to undertake a revision of the Family Code, the generalisation of social protection and the implementation of the direct social assistance programme aimed, inter alia, at children of school age, people with disabilities, newborn babies, families in a precarious situation and last but not least, households with elderly dependents.

Finally, the Moroccan Sovereign called on his fellow citizens to remain attached to some values that form the cornerstones of the Moroccan heart, such as coexistence, understanding and respect for other religions and cultures, love of one’s homeland and unanimous attachment to national unity and the territorial integrity of the country.

It must be said that the values upheld by the Moroccan people and its leaders continue to surprise those who see Morocco as little more than an exotic tourist destination to be ticked off the list, given that the Kingdom is also the venue for the world’s largest conferences and meetings. This is the case at the very moment when the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are holding their annual meetings in , bringing together more than 190 countries to discuss the future, thus consolidating Morocco’s leadership in Africa and the MENA region and confirming the Bretton Woods institutions’ confidence in the Moroccan economy.

Photo: Courtesy of Moroccan News Agency

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