Musicology Barcaffé Sessions presents: Jose James for the first time arrives in Belgrade

“I wanted to share my first live new songs with fans, before they come out on the album.”

One of the most respected voices of today’s generation of jazz musicians, Jose James, the contractor will perform the third concert of the series Musicology Barcaffé Sessions. He will hold two concerts on 13 and 14 November in the intimate atmosphere of the club Bitefartcafe.


European tour of Jose James called “Madness” is designed as a duo with one of the most wanted drummer Nate Smith. This tour announces José’s new album, which comes out to the world famous label “Blue Note” in 2017, titled “Love in the Time of insanity.”

“I wanted to share my first live new songs with fans, before they come out on the album. I think it’s amazing what they can in this way connect with people. Let’s see what drives the audience. In this way I will be able to put on the album only those songs that have proven to inspire people. It’s great that in this way I can share my music and my fans that will help to create the album, “says James.

Jose James is always looking for new musical horizons, continuously developing his style erasing boundaries between genres. A native of Minneapolis, he combines the world of jazz and hip-hop, creating a truly unique and captivating sound. Known as the voice of a jazz hip-hop generation, Jose combines the influences of other musicians who are left in it and so dictates its own and original sound. Starting from jazz through soul and even drum and bass and spoken word, he creates his own hybrid, which is best expressed in his performances.

How “Los Angeles Time” says:
“Is vocalist Jose James jazz or soul singer? Old school or new school? Keeper of the tradition or researcher of new thrills? Yes, yes and yes. “

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