My Assessor- for quick and easy damage assessment

UNIQA Osiguranje is proud to present a unique service on the market, Moj Procenitelj (My Assessor ), which helps clients to assess the damage themselves. Thanks to the innovative Moj Procenitelj platform, available 24 hours a day,  UNIQA’s clients can perform damage assessment on a vehicle or property quickly and easily, from their home or parking lot, at any time, without having to go to our office or have an appraiser physically present.

Moj Procenitelj is easy to use as it is adapted to smartphones and tablets and does not require the installation of special applications. The whole process is extremely simple: after reporting damage done to the vehicle or property, UNIQA sends a link via SMS or an email to the client which will be active for 24 hours or longer. By clicking on this link, the client can photograph the damage to the vehicle or property and the required documentation, which allows the entire damage assessment process to be completed independently at the time that suits the clients best, up to 15 minutes maximum.

Moj Procenitelj is fully automated and is created to be of top quality, reliable and provide security of data.  It is available 24/7, and the entire damage assessment takes place with the help of an animated UNIQA assistant who guides the client through the entire procedure, providing the necessary support and instructions.

UNIQA’s clients can choose between the classic or video damage assessment, and with the launch of the Moj Procenitelj platform, the company has made an additional step forward in meeting clients’ requirements in terms of maximum flexibility, top-notch service, speed and simplicity.

“Our clients take the centre stage in everything UNIQA Osiguranje does, so this latest platform, Moj Procenitelj, is inspired by their needs. Moj Procenitelj enables clients a simple and easy assessment of the damage, faster completion of the required documentation and thus the more efficient payment of the damage, in the shortest possible time. A leader in innovations on the Serbian market, UNIQA strives for digital transformation, aiming to respond promptly to the demands of its policyholders while providing impeccable service and express reimbursement of damages so our clients can repair their property or vehicle as soon as possible. The result of our efforts aimed at achieving full customer satisfaction is another superior service, unique in Serbia and the region,” said Gordana Bukumirić, CEO of UNIQA Osiguranje.

As a result of joint activities on creating the video damage assessment service, with UNIQA being first to provide such service in Serbia and the region, the Moj Procenitelj platform was developed and implemented by the company ICTS from Belgrade.

To remind, owing to the implementation of state-of-the-art solutions and the development of online platforms, UNIQA has rounded off the entire process of servicing the client 24/7 – from the moment of initiating the offer and electronic exchange of documentation through to policy purchase, payment of the premium, registration, assessment and reimbursement of damages. All information about UNIQA Osiguranje’s services is available on

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