Almost 70% of the businessmen believe that state authorities are not open enough to cooperate in the implementation of reforms, while 60% of officials claim that the economy is not interested in participating in the drafting of regulations.

Inadequate regulation and mutual mistrust are key obstacles to the development of public and private sector dialogue in Serbia, according to a NALED survey. Economy is not convinced that the state can protect the public interest and create better living conditions while the state is not convinced that companies can act for the general good of the communities in which they operate. The biggest mistrust of governments is against civil society organisations and state is imposed as a protector of citizens, although these organisations are precisely the citizens who want to exercise their rights by association. NALED and RSJP will select six business associations and civil society organisations with the best reform ideas in three years, to identify who their interlocutors are in the public administration and, among other things, who are the stakeholders, in order to bring them together in thematic groups. These groups will go through an intensive training programme and work together to implement a concrete reform.

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