NASA AIK Banka has joined the new donor action NURDOR for the construction of the largest Parents’ House in Serbia

Continuing with its socially responsible business, Naša AIK Banka has joined a large donation campaign launched by the association NURDOR and the company Mastercard, all in order to raise the necessary funds to build a new and the largest Parents House in Serbia

As part of this campaign, Naša AIK Banka invited more than 180,000 of its clients to visit the online platform and donate their money directly or to buy something from the latest fashion collection “Being someone’s superhero. Invaluable™ “, created by a young and talented fashion designer Tatjana Ostojić.

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“Our bank has been cooperating with the NURDOR for a very long time, because we really value the goals of this association and recognize ourselves in all the activities that NURDOR has implemented in the past period. It is a great honor for us to join this donation campaign and to contribute to the construction of a new Parents’ House together with our employees, but also our clients and business partners. During the past years, more than 110,000 clients have already joined the donor call of our bank to support the activities and projects of NURDOR and in that way almost 4.2 million dinars have been collected. We believe that a large number of our clients will join this new action, because I am sure that we all together recognize the great social and national importance of such a project”  explained Vladimir Bošković, president of the Executive Board of Naša AIK Banka.

“NURDOR is a non-profit organization with less than ten employees, which are mostly dedicated to direct support to children with cancer. That is why we value valuable partnerships with companies that recognize how important what we do is, building mutual trust with the whole community. Especially having in mind the time of challenges and crisis in which we have been living for two years – support and understanding have become the two most important words for civil society organizations. We are immensely grateful that we have that and that our partners set an example of how the business sector can and should take care of the community in which it operates. The platform is really something new and special in Serbia and we are proud that this platform belong to NURDOR”,  said Joland Korora, President of the Management Board of NURDOR.

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