Natalija Racković, General Manager, V+O COMMUNICATION: We assist clients to make decisions in a new situation as quickly as possible

We have developed several intelligent reports and certain other documents as the V+O Group, which can help everyone in this situation to make decisions faster and easier.

In our special series dedicated to business and diplomatic activities in Serbia, the region and the world, we spoke with Natalija Racković, General Manager of V+O COMMUNICATION. “Implementing marketing and communication plans in times of pandemic and state of emergency is far more demanding, and communication with clients is far more frequent, but it is important for them to know that we are here and can count the time,” Natalija Racković says.

How did you organize your business activities? How is communication with your clients going?

The V+O staff started working from home even before a state of emergency was declared. When the first cases of the coronavirus were registered, it was important for me to keep all my colleagues as far as possible from the contagion, especially those colleagues who had to change several types of public transport to get to the office. We all have the technical capabilities to work from home, i.e. laptops and access to data, as well as the co-working platform through which we speak with each other and share information and documents. If we already have the technical capacity to organize the work from home, I don’t see why we wouldn’t use it.

At the same time, I am also communicating with colleagues from other markets where we do business, sharing experiences, materials, reports and recommendations, so that we are all in line with the new situation and can help our clients as much as possible.

As far as communication with clients is concerned, it is daily and frequent. We strive to assist our clients in the new situation by sharing various intelligent reports or other documents that we, as the V+O Group, have developed that can help everyone in this situation and make decisions faster and easier. We are monitoring the situation and we are here for whatever they need. They need to know that they can count on us.

How are you spending your private time during the pandemic?

I am working on perfecting my culinary skills. I’m researching and trying out new recipes. That relaxes me. Also, I renewed and intensified contacts with my university friends who live abroad, but also in Serbia, and we have online calls twice a week. Furthermore, I plan to soon start reading all the books I bought intending to read them someday when I have more time.

What will you do first after the state of emergency is cancelled?

I’m going to visit my mum.

I’ll barbecue with my friends in nature.

I will continue with the “normal” life.

I am sending you all a lot of regards and please stay well and healthy.

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