National Day of Pakistan Celebrated

National Day of Pakistan was celebrated at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade. Modasar Chodri, greeted the guests with the speech: “Welcome to the National Day reception of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Today we commemorate the Lahore Resolution which was passed on twenty third of March, Nineteen Forty, which envisioned an independent state for the Muslims of South Asia, where they could live their lives according to the teachings of Islam and according to the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Doctor Muhammad Iqbal.”

“Today Pakistan stands as a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society which takes pride in its historical roots, its diversity in faiths, races, ethnicities and ideologies. The Constitution guarantees fundamental human rights to all its citizens, without any distinction of race or religion. Pakistan is world’s sixth largest nation with two hundred million people. We have an economy of 284 billion dollars. Pakistan has a great promise for foreign investors and businessmen. The recent development is the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which will revolutionize the economy, as it entails fifty billion dollars’ worth of investment. This will prove to be the aorta of regional connectivity. Pakistan aspires for friendly relations with the international community and its neighbours. The Government of Pakistan has taken various initiatives to this effect. The Government is keen for early resumption of structured dialogue with India for peaceful resolution of all issues including the longstanding core issue of Kashmir. Pakistan supports a durable peace in Afghanistan, as it is the direct victim of instability in Afghanistan. We continue to host two and half million Afghan refugees since the start of war in Nineteen Seventy Nine, who cannot return to their homes and live dignified life, due to instability in Afghanistan. The recent Thirteenth Summit of Economic Cooperation Organization in Islamabad, brought together ten countries of South Asia and Central Asia States. The main theme of the Summit was regional connectivity for the sake of peace and prosperity. Pakistan has made big sacrifices in the fight against terrorism. More than fifty thousand civilians and ten thousand security personnel have laid their lives in this fight. The national economy have withstood an estimated one hundred billion dollars of economic loss. The Government has launched massive operations against the militants and terrorists and great progress has been made. Pakistan and Serbia enjoy friendly relations. We are glad to see Serbian Government’s efforts in promoting economic development and regional stability. Our bilateral trade is growing and we have witnessed a hundred percent growth in business contacts between the two countries. A number of visits and exchanges took place in the last year. Our Mission is always available to play its part in increasing bilateral trade and people to people contacts.” New Ambassador-designate Mr. Syed Adil Gilani cut the ceremonial cake and then the dinner was served.

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