The Nelt Merchandising School was officially opened on August 10th at the Central Distribution Center in Dobanovci within the Nelt Sales Academy program. This unique showroom represents a place where employees in different positions will have the opportunity to improve themselves, acquire the appropriate knowledge, and practice them for the purpose of complete training.

Recognizing the importance of practical training, Nelt is the first in the FMCG industry to open a showroom like this.
“The opening of this school represents a great comparative advantage of our company in the market because, besides internal training, in the future, we can organize external training for our customers,” says Žarko Savić, Sales capability manager.
Nelt Sales Academy is a program of development of trainings and lectures launched by the company in 2015. It represents a comprehensive training plan for sales and marketing staff in order to improve their sales skills. Interactive trainings were created by combining their own knowledge, materials and best practices with the experience of Nelt’s long-standing partners. 

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