Nestlé announces long-term plans until 2020

In accordance with long-term goals that are committed in support of the UN plan for sustainable development by 2030, the company Nestlé by the end of 2020 is reduce sugar in Nestlé confectionery products by 5%, which means that only in Europe, there will be removed at least 18,000t of sugar from the products. Salt in products will be reduced for 10% and all the artificial colours.

The company will add at least 750 million rations vegetables, 300 million rations of nutrient-rich ingredients such as cereals and legumes, and more nuts and seeds. This is summarised in the report on the social business of the company for the previous year: “Nestlé in Society: Creating shared values ​​and the realization of our commitments 2016″. Within the report, there are 42 Nestlé social obligations to be achieved by 2020, the progress that the company has so far recorded, as well as future plans, which are items that make Nestlé ranked in the top of the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index (DJSI World), which measures global companies in terms of impact in the field of sustainable development.

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