NESTLÉ Pledged to eliminate at least 18,000 tons of sugar from its products in Europe by 2020

Nestlé has pledged to eliminate at least 18,000 tons of sugar from the products that will appear on the European market by 2020. Thanks to this decision, a complete range of Nestlé in Europe will have an average of 5% less sugar than now.

Nestlé, with this move aims to support the European Commission directives and the aims of its member states, which plan to develop a plan of action to improve their food products. The promise of reducing sugar is part of a global company liabilities that will be released on March 7th. Nestlé declaration has been announced at an event held in Malta EU Presidency, which was dedicated to obesity in children. On this occasion, Marco Settembri, the Executive President of Nestlé and director for Europe, Middle East and North Africa, stressed the importance of healthy eating, “When one in three children is overweight or obese, it is clear that we must do more to offer healthier food choices and help in the promotion of an active lifestyle.”

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