New Amstel Campaign – New Age, old School

Three ordinary and unobtrusive, yet completely different men who are already talked about , have become one of the main topics.

Who are Johnny, Beli and Gile actually? Amstel, the famous beer brand, through its new campaign, “NEW AGE, OLD SCHOOL”, is introducing consumers to these three interesting characters. They symbolise the prototypes of everything that we praise in friends and provide examples of virtues we admire. Johnny, Beli and Gile recall that true friendship has not disappeared, that good manners and care for others are always at stake, and that wisdom that comes with age and experience – the quality of the best. Johnny is always there to help, without too much talk and bragging. Beli is not crazy about mobile phones and social networks, but does not hesitate to call a friend at the call at four in the morning. While Gile has long been convinced of the correctness of the winglets “Speak quietly and carry the dog with youselfbut, instead of a dog, he always has real friends in his surroundings, such as Johnny and Beli, with whom he does not fail to share all the nice moments, and even a bottle of favorite Amstel.

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