New Amstel Look

One of the most famous Dutch beer brands, Amstel Premium Pilsener, presented the new red packaging for the Serbian market.

Stylised label combines and enhances the attractive appearance of this famous brand. The new visual identity is in accordance with the tradition of the brand, and in the foreground is a red colour at which the makes Amstel Premium Pilsener recognizable around the world. – The rich history of Amstel was the inspiration for the new look and design, which complies with the highest quality beers. – said Sofia Eftimovski Božović, senior brand manager of company Heineken, and adds: – Our wish is that through continuous innovation we develop a brand that is known for the excellent quality and unique experience. We will continue to display the year 1870, the year of the establishment of the Amstel Brewery. Along the year there are medals for the quality of beer that are part of the heritage of the brand since 1888, as well as two lions on a blue background next to the letter A, the symbol of the coat of arms of Amsterdam.

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