New model of business on the domestic market – Univerexport partner

Univerexport, with the opening of the first partner facility in Banatsko Novo Selo, started implementing a changed and completely new business model. The first Univerexport partner operates within Univerexport, in this model, and in accordance with applicable legal regulations, called Univerexport partner.

The concept of partnership with Univerexport is a new approach to the market, where our partner manages independently its own facility according to Univerexport standards and already defined assortment which is adapted to the corresponding surface and facility classification. Aside from being marketed under the brand name Univerexport, the partner shop gets more visibility and recognition, as well as know how – i.e. knowledge and experience.
On the other hand, by the words of Boris Čolić, the manager of the franchise, Univerexport, by entering into a partner relationship empowers smaller formats with which it gets access to the market and consumers in a more direct, more intimate, neighbourly way.

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