December is the month when the most popular grandfather in the world temporarily leaves its home in Lapland and spans the New Year’s spell across the globe. The first destination on the road around the world is UŠĆE Shopping Center, which is due to the opening of “UŠĆE Coca Cola of the Magic City”.

On Monday, December 3rd, beginning at 7 pm, and in honor of the arrival of Santa Claus, “UŠĆE Coca-Cola Magic City” will meet the most beautiful New Year’s melodies with the maestral performance of the famous children’s choir “KOLIBRI” and the orchestra Belgrade Synthophonet accompanied by conductor Aleksandar Sedlara. A special surprise for this evening will be THE NEW YEAR CARNIVAL which will include more than 60 Santa Claus and Baba Mrazica.

The magic in Usce will start with the carnival of Santa Claus and Baba Mrazica, which will move along the corridors of the center towards the main square where he will perform his new year’s dance, and continue with the concerts of the choir “Kolibri” and the Belgrade Synth, which, besides solo performances, will perform together a couple of New Year’s songs, and among them the famous song “NEK” ALL LOVE SIGHS “.

On this occasion, the New Year’s Star Academy will be opened at UŠĆE Shopping Center, which will be open to all children in December. Males will be able to learn everything about the stars and everything about how their silver light has become part of our favorite holidays. In the Ušće they will be astronauts, astronomers, engineers, researchers and will learn everything about the brightness of the stars, the glittering of snowflakes – everything that makes the holidays magical.

“UCCE Coca Cola Magic” city will last until January 15th, and besides the entertainment program, numerous educational workshops will be realized.

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