Nikola Tarbuk, new Secretary General SKGO

At the 49th Assembly of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM), Nikola Tarbuk was elected the new Secretary General of this community of local self-governments in Serbia.

He succeeded Djordje Staničić, who had been secretary general for the previous 20 years.

Addressing the participants of the Assembly of the SCTM, Tarbuk said that he was encouraged by the fact that “there is a strong foundation on which to continue working on the development of local self-government.” “It is a great honor for me to lead an exceptional team of professionals and quality people working in the SCTM professional service. For the past 16 years, as part of this team, we have strived to be a true representative of local authorities and provide continuous support to all members” said Tarbuk, adding that the basic functions of the SCTM are cooperation between cities and municipalities, gathering and harmonizing the common interests of local self-government and formulating its common voice, according to national institutions and international partners, and supporting capacity building of local self-governments to respond to needs. their local communities, citizens and the economy.

Nikola Tarbuk was born in 1977 in Belgrade, where he graduated from the Faculty of Political Science. He has been working at the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities since 2006, where he served as Assistant Secretary General for ten years and then as Deputy Secretary General for the last four years. From the very beginning of his professional work in this national organization of local authorities, he was also a project manager and for the last 11 years he has been in charge of the most important project of institutional development of the organization supported by the Government of Switzerland. Also, as a representative of the SCTM, he participated in the preparation of numerous strategies and laws, a special new Program for the reform of local self-government, and is a member of several national bodies that consider key issues of local self-government development in Serbia.

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