Nina Drakić: Adjust customs policies to the needs of the economy

The President of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Nina Drakić, called for the removal of barriers in the placement of agricultural and other food products, which are produced in Montenegro, as the placement is intended first of all for the countries of the region, and then beyond

The adjustment of customs policies and the adoption of EU standards in the part of regulations in the control of imported-exported goods should respond to the needs of the real economy and economic cooperation within the region, said the president of the Chamber of Commerce (CCM), Nina Drakić.

She is currently on an official visit to Skopje, which brought together presidents of chambers of commerce from the countries of the Western Balkans and spoke on a panel dedicated to non-tariff barriers and the improvement of labor capital, which was held during the second working day.

During the two-day visit, as announced, the 25th session of the Management Board of the Chamber Investment Forum of the Western Balkans was held, where a decision was made to hold the founding assembly of the future association that will deal with economic cooperation and integration, with headquarters in Podgorica.

“One of the important decisions made by the Board of Directors of KIF is the initiative towards the competent EU bodies to extend the validity period of visas for drivers who are an important link in transport and connection business both in the EU countries and in the Western Balkans region”, it is stated in a press release of the CCM.

The representatives of the chambers of commerce, on the first working day of the session of the Board of Directors, were also received by the President of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski.

Pendarovski supported efforts to improve regional cooperation, expressing the undivided support of the economic community of North Macedonia to contribute to that goal.

The agenda of this event included the ceremony of awarding the most successful companies from the member countries of WB6, which was attended, among others, by representatives of the European Commission-DG Near, the Unit for Policy and Regional Strategy of the Western Balkans, as well as other representatives of the business community from the region.

“As many as three companies from Montenegro are winners of the WB6 awards of KIF Mega International in the category of the highest export growth in the region in the last year, the Logate company in the Digital Champion category and the NEST Coworking company in the Environmental Protection Champion category”.

Marko Škuletić from Gray International, Velizar Perunović from Milsped, Vasil Naci from Agna Grupa, Mate Gjorgjievski from the Secretariat of the Transport Community and Danijela Gačević from the CEFTA Secretariat also spoke on the panel.

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