NIS supports NURDOR’s campaign “Make a Step”

More than 300 NIS employees from all over Serbia gave their support to the National Cancer Parents’ Association (NURDOR) campaign called “Take a Step” and walked from the company’s headquarters in Novi Beograd to the University Children’s Clinic in Tiršova Street.


The campaign aims to raise funds for the construction of a third House for Parents (of children with cancer) in Belgrade. In this way, hundreds of NIS employees, led by the company’s management, wanted to show their support to the NURDOR volunteers, the creators of this “charity walk” idea.

The creators of this idea are two friends, NURDOR activists Tamara Klarić and Bogdan Stevanović, who set out on foot from Niš on September 19th to Belgrade, a 256km long route. These charitable young people initiated a similar campaign in 2017, when they walked from Belgrade to Niš, raising funds to equip the hematology-oncology ward of the Clinical Centre in Niš. Thanks to the NURDOR, this ward is the best equipped oncological ward in the Balkans.

The Make a Step application, based on this charity campaign, measures users’ steps and converts them into dinars according to a simple formula: 1 kilometre = 100 dinars. Socially responsible companies in Serbia then “buy the steps made” and donate their funds to the NURDOR towards the construction of the third House for Parents in Belgrade. The application was installed by more than 100,000 people in a short time, thus bringing people together in this large-scale humanitarian campaign.

As a socially responsible company, NIS has supported NURDOR’s work for years, as it does now. Under the slogan “Future in Action”, NIS continues to recognize and support charity initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life, above all the quality of life of the youngest population.

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