North Macedonia has lowest minimum wage in the region – Slovenia takes top spot with EUR 667

Of the countries of the region, it is North Macedonia that has the lowest minimum wage, at EUR 203.

Image by angelo luca iannaccone from Pixabay

According to the latest data available, the minimum wage in Bosnia and Herzegovina is EUR 208, in Albania it is EUR 211, and in Montenegro it has recently been raised to EUR 222, as reported by the Skopje-based portal, which cites regional media.

It is added that the minimum wage in Serbia is around EUR 230 at the moment, but that an 11% increase is expected from January 1, 2020, putting it at EUR 255.

The former Yugoslav states that are now EU members, Croatia and Slovenia, have much higher minimum wages.

In Croatia, the minimum wage is EUR 405, whereas, in Slovenia, it far exceeds the average salary in most countries of the region, standing at EUR 667, it is reported.

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