Norway donates five million euros to Serbia to fight coronaviruses

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić thanked for his assistance to the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Serbia H. E. Jørn Eugene Gjelstad, who informed him of a donation of five million euros in the fight against coronavirus.

“Thanks for the huge help. Thanks for showing not only sympathy, but also real friendship during difficult times,”
Vučić wrote on Instagram. In a statement after meeting with the Norwegian ambassador, Vučić said he expressed immense gratitude to the Norwegian state and people. He emphasized that it was a great friendly help and support that Norway provides in the most difficult times for Serbia. “It is important that Norway, which was threatened by the coronavirus attack, found sufficient will and strength to help Serbia, which is certainly in a difficult position today, both due to the strength of our health system and other objective factors,” Vučić said. Ambassador Jørn Eugene Gjelstad emphasized that Norway is a true friend of Serbia and wants to help the Serbian people, even though it is facing the biggest challenge so far. He said that the global coronavirus pandemic not only affects our daily lives but is a threat to human lives. He hopes that good news is also being said when it comes to helping Serbia acquire additional respirators, with the involvement of Norway. He noted that coronavirus contamination is steadily increasing in Norway, and that the country is facing, like other countries, the challenge of increasing its capacity to combat this challenge.

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