Norwegian children at 47th International Gathering of Children of Europe “JOY OF EUROPE 2016″

From 2nd-5th October Belgrade will be hosting 1000 children from 25 countries that will gather in Belgrade for 47th “Joy of Europe 2016”. Among them is 12 children from a small town in Central Norway. 

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“Joy of Europe” is the largest and oldest international manifestation of children’s creativity, established back in 1969, on the occasion of the World Children’s Day. In the beginning of the month of October Belgrade welcomes children from many countries of Europe – they dance, sing, act, and above all else they make friends and have a good time. There almost isn’t a single European country whose children, in these 47 years of our Manifestation, have not been guests of the “Joy of Europe”.

First time in Serbia

12 Norwegian children age 10-14 from Nome (Region of Telemark) have arrived to Belgrade to proudly represent their municipality and local art school at “Joy of Europe 2016”.

One year of preparations and practice has payed off and the children are looking forward to perform at “Friendship meetings” at the Children’s Culture Center and at the Gala concert at the Sava Center. The Gala concert will be broadcast live at Serbian national television.

During their stay in Belgrade Norwegians will have the opportunity to meet the president of the Republic of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic. They will also meet the Norwegian ambassador in Serbia Mr Arne Sannes Bjørnstad at the reception at his residence.

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