Now you can get loan offer without going to the bank

Kredium compares the loan interest rates in various banks and ultimately provides the client with the best loan option

All citizens of Serbia can now get the best offer for a loan quickly, easily and completely free of charge without going to the bank. This service can be used thanks to the company Kredium, which has recognized all the shortcomings and problems that people are facing when taking a loan.

In addition to collecting offers and offering guidance through the process of obtaining a housing loan, both for citizens in Serbia and those in the diaspora, Kredium also offers clients assistance in refinancing a housing loan, obtaining loans for adaptation and construction, and determining creditworthiness.

The idea for the founding of online platform arose when, during the purchase of the apartment, the founder of Kredium, Miša Lazović, encountered all the problems that the traditional process for buying real estate brings with it. Then, as he says, he decided to improve that experience for all his fellow citizens.

“Kredium started operating at the end of 2020 and since then it has been actively connecting a large number of users with banks in order to obtain the best loan option. Credit counselors at Kredium have the task to find the best offers, comps lending conditions and ultimately provide the client with the most favorable loan option,” Lazović explains and notes that Kredium services for clients are completely free.

Credit counselor instead of going to the bank

The team of credit advisors is led by Bojana Šarović and Marko Matić, who in their fifteen-year career have realized over 5,000 loans worth over 50 million euros.

“The traditional way of obtaining an offer and approving a loan requires time and a lot of energy from the client. In addition to having to go to the bank several times, clients do the cost analysis themselves, estimate the interest rate and interpret the various conditions, which can be tiring and very stressful. Kredium solves all these problems,” said Bojana Šarović.

Citizens can apply for this service through the platform, and for those who like live meetings, there are also offices in Belgrade and Nis, and as they announce, the office in Novi Sad will start working soon.

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