On-line credit application Available on the website of VTB Bank

VTB Bank Beograd put a web application “On-line application for credit” on its website www.vtbbanka.rs thus providing numerous benefits for all clients who wish to take a loan. Using the new web application is very simple and greatly speeds up and simplifies the process of applying for a loan. For all clients on-line applying for a loan is secured by lower loan origination fees.


In the part of the application “Calculator” the client is able to check their creditworthiness themselves and calculating the amount of the monthly rate. The client has to enter the height of their wages or pensions, choose the type of loan that suits them, brought the number of credits for which only applied and defined period of maturity (in installments). The calculator will automatically calculate the amount of the monthly installments and to provide information on whether the customer is creditworthy.

Through the link “Make an appointment” the client can make an appointment in one of the banking outlets of the VTB Bank Belgrade. During the same day, the client will be forwarded information about the date of the meeting when they will be able to do the talking directly to the employees of VTB Bank.

In the part of the application “Download necessary documents for registration of credit” the client is able to take over all the necessary documents for loans, as well as to get acquainted with their form.

VTB Bank has enabled its customers to work fully on-line, without visiting the branch apply for a loan. In order for  the client to apply for a loan on-line they need to send completed documents electronically via the link “Attach documents and apply for a loan.”


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