On the Stara Planina Mountain they wove motives on the most beautiful Serbian rugs

The traditional carpet-making was the theme of the weaving colony at former watchtower Dojkinci in Stara Planina which gathered foreign diplomats and mayors who support unemployed women from rural areas in the cottage industry to ensure their permanent employment and stable source of income.

Colony was organised by the cities Pirot and Sombor in the framework of the Agreement on cooperation for the conservation of Stapar and Pirot rug, along with Ethno Network and the cooperative for the production of carpets and souvenirs ladies heart of Pirot, with the support of NALED and the embassies of Australia and the United States. During the weaving colony fifteen skilled weavers from all over Serbia drafted the motives of Pirot rugs and participated in lectures to enrich their knowledge, history and patterns usually represented on the carpet. Weavers colony on the Stara Planina were visited the Mayor of Pirot Vladan Vasić and a member of the Council for Culture and Education of the City of Sombor Nemanja Šarac, President of Ethno Network Violeta Jovanović, Ambassador of Australia Julia Feeney, Ambassador of India Narinder Chauhan, Permanent Representative of the United Nations for Serbia Carla Hershey, cultural attaché of th US Embassy Erica Keane and other local and foreign officials.

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