One year since the adoption of the law on National Academy of Public Administration

On the occasion of one year since the adoption of the Law on the National Academy of Public Administration, the Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government Branko Ružić visited the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) today, held a meeting with Dražen Maravić, et. Director of NAPA and visited the training “Grant Contracts under the Territorial Cooperation Program”.

Minister Branko Ružić said that by adopting this law and establishing the Academy, the order is introduced in the field of professional development of employees in public administration and provides equal access to the right to professional development for more than 40 thousand employees in state administration bodies and services of the Government, municipalities and cities. “This is particularly important from the point of view of European integration, where more than 90% of policies are implemented at the local level. Therefore, it is very important that employees at the local level have the opportunity for professional development until last year, which was not the case before, “the minister said. He stressed that officials are key to the reforms that are being implemented and that it is necessary to get the necessary knowledge and skills in order to be able to perform their jobs well and efficiently provide services to citizens.

“It is especially important that through the training program, with the application of modern forms and methods of professional development, the officials in all positions as drivers of the administration reform pass the program and, by the end of the year, a training program for state administration and local level will be adopted, which will cover more than 100 current topics . At the beginning of the year we plan to start online training, where only some of the topics will be “Administrative Procedure” and “Sustainable Development”. The National Academy of Public Administration is motivated by the idea that, according to the quality and expertise of public sector employees, it will become equal to the institutions in the region and Europe, and the highest standards in the provision of services are an imperative in the work of the Academy “, said Dražen Maravić, Director of the National Academy of Public Administration.

In order to exchange knowledge and experience, the National Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Serbia is already successfully cooperating with the National School of Public Administration of the Republic of France (ENA), and in the coming period the signing of the Agreement on Cooperation with the Republic of Srpska and other countries is also planned. Recently, Vienna signed an agreement with the Federal Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Austria.

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