Online Awards Ceremony for Biljana Bosnic Ognjenovic Foundation

Ambassador of Egypt in Serbia announces two Study Tour to Winners of best Travel articles

Biljana Bosnic Ognjenovic Foundation, in cooperation with the Embassy of Egypt in Belgrade, held Online Awards Ceremony for best travel articles on Egypt and Serbia on July 21, 2020. The ceremony was attended by members of the diplomatic corps, contestants, media experts, as well as friends and family of the late journalist Biljana Bosnic Ognjenovic’s, whose birthday was yesterday.

Milica Bosnic, one of the founders of the Foundation, thanked to all the participants for the contribution they provided through their writing and for joining the ceremony. Ljiljana Rebronja, Editor-in-Chief of “Turisticki svet” Magazine, encouraged all the participants to continue with writing, stating that “through this cultural activity you will keep your mind opened, develop mutual understanding and preserve beautiful memory of Biljana”.

For his part, Ambassador of Egypt in Serbia, Amr Aljowaily, expressed sincere appreciation to Biljana Bosnic Ognjenovic Foundation for organizing this event and to all the participants, who through their articles, presented and promoted all the beauty that Egypt and Serbia have to offer. “Travel journalists are the society’s eyes and ears, helping bringing countries together and the world closer”, he highlighted, inviting all participants to continue their exploration of Egypt’s magical history and geography, thus strengthening friendship between the two countries.

Two special awards for best travel article on Egypt were presented by Ambassador of Egypt in Serbia, Amr Aljowaily, and the winner for best travel article on Egypt for first special award, for journalist and students of journalism was Mrs. Aleksandra Mikata, while the winner for best travel article on Egypt for second special award, for students from age of 17 to 23 was Mr. Milos Todorovic and both articles were titled “Egypt through the eyes of Serbia”.

Aljowaily recalled that he had edited a book titled “Serbia by Egyptian Eyes, which has been translated to Serbian on the occasion of Egypt’s participation as guest of honor at the latest edition of Belgrade’s international book fair’, which can be considered as one form of travelogues.

First special award for best travel article on Serbia were presented by Mr. Milos Starovic, brother of Biljana Bosnic Ognjenovic, to Katarina Tomovic, journalist, for her article titled “Clouds that live only above Danube river” and to Dolores Vukanovic, journalist and photo reporter with the article titled “Our Belgrade, our soul”, while the second and third special award were given to Maksim Ristic, Thiago Ferreira and Milica Brkovic. Ambassador of Egypt in Serbia extended an invitation to all awardees to a Reception celebrating the awards will be at the Residence of Egypt on the occasion of World Tourism Day on September 27th, 2020, remarking that it would be a symbolic function to commemorate the role of tourism in fostering friendship between peoples of the World through the creative works of journalists.

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