Opening of the Fourth Korean Film Festival in Serbia

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Serbia is holding the fourth Korean Film Festival in Serbia (KFFIS) from October 11th to November 9th, in cooperation with Korean Film Council, Yugoslav Film Archive, Cultural Center of Niš and Cultural Center of Novi Sad. This film festival will be held with a total of seven screenings in three cities in Serbia: Belgrade (October 11th-14th, Yugoslav Film Archive), Niš (October 16th-18th, Cultural Center), and Novi Sad (November 6th-9th, Cultural Center).

Starting with the first KFFIS in 2014, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea has introduced Korean films of various genres to Serbian citizens. The festival, postponed due to the pandemic for four years since the third KFFIS in 2019, is finally going to meet with the Serbian audience once again this year with highly regarded Korean films. Screened at the festival are : <the Face Reader>, well-known for all-star cast and historic set in the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897) ; <Stand by Me>, depicting a family story with warm emotions ; <A Taxi Driver>, historical action drama film based on a true story of a German reporter and a Korean taxi driver ; <Lucky Chan-sil>, starring Youn Yeo-jeong of the film <Minari>, who won 2021 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress ; <LUCK-KEY>, a famous action comedy movie ; <The Road Called Life>, animation of three representative works of modern literature loved by Koreans ; and <Sunset in My hometown>, which realistically depicts the lives and thoughts of young Koreans. All these specially selected films will provide a closer look into history, culture and lifestyle of Korea.

In order to make the Korean movies, which are gaining worldwide fame, more accessible to the Serbian public, film tickets will be distributed free of charge (except for the opening ceremony on October 11th, which is by invitation only). The tickets can be picked up at the box office on a first-come, first-served basis, one hour before the first film of the day starts. During the festival, Korean cultural items and souvenirs will be put on display to the public, providing additional joy to the audience.

Further Information, along with the program of the event, can be found on the website, Instagram and Facebook of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Serbia.

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