Opportunities by Nevena Martinović

Opportunities. Freedom of choice. Support. Attitude. Believe in yourself. Education. Skills. Experiences. Family. Friends. Associates. Money. Self-work. These are all opportunities to create “something” in our lives, as we are all constantly striving for something, and therefore look for ways and means to achieve what we want.

We can call that “something” a “goal”. In the business context, it can very easily be defined as the word itself. Our goal can be to achieve higher sales, a better income, a healthier working environment, to work on more challenging projects…

If we dedicate ourselves thoroughly to our goals, it is very often the case that we can achieve them.

However, our self-work is not always directed entirely to our job or career aspirations, and even more so, the success in that field largely depends on how we see our personality as a whole, and how satisfied we are with ourselves, whether we live our authentic life or go through experiences together with mass.

And just when we look at the word “goal” from a personal point of view, we come to the conclusion that it is actually very vague for many of us. It is generally difficult for us to define it, because the “goal” should be something special, sublime, almost untouchable. The very setting of that word stimulates the ego in us, which convinces us that we are special, and theoretically, our goals must be defined as “something really special”. In such a setting, we can’t really see what we are striving for in a normal, clear and realistic way.

We will have to come to terms with the fact that our desires, aspirations and goals are, in fact, very “ordinary”. We can hardly admit to ourselves – our goal is to adopt a new hobby, because we already know from experience that we will achieve it and then we will be at the beginning again when we set another “goal” in front of us. It is simply imposed that the goal must be something bigger than us, because otherwise we are always in the same process.

And on the basis of that human feeling, which on the one hand is a normal phenomenon, because simply a man is not a final being, so the goals cannot be either, flourishing the life and industries. From the raw capital that drives us to the feeling that we are never good enough and that we can always do better, to humanistic techniques that always bring us back to getting to know ourselves and re-examining our experiences and actions. Both of them, although they advocate two completely different, diametrically opposed concepts, base their prosperity on playing with the possibilities that man has. Some serve him that the choice is only one, others an abundance of the same. It is true that one choice is equal to an infinite number of choices.

What matters is what drives us to action, and that cannot be achieved in external matters or in defining goals. That is what is in us and happy is the one, who allows him or herself that encounter.

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