OTP banka Srbija presented business results and launched Generator Zero

Banking leader on the path of “green transition”

After successfully completing the most complex banking integration in this region, OTP banka Srbija yesterday at a press event presented the business results that marked 2021 and positioned Bank as the leading financial institution in the domestic market in numerous segments with nearly 4 billion euros in loans. OTP bank is the leading creditor of the economy and households, and the leader in the market of factoring and leasing services, in the following period it will continue the process of intensive digitalization and introduction of innovations. One of the key strategic directions will be marked by a “green transition” in the business, that is, commitment to sustainable business and ecological sustainability, which is confirmed by the topic of the new Generator Zero entrepreneurial competition, which was officially opened yesterday.

Predrag Mihajlović, President of the Executive Board and CEO of OTP Banka Srbija

“OTP bank has started the path of green transition with great strides, as evidenced by the numerous green initiatives we have launched. We are proud of the fact that our bank uses only green energy, which is confirmed by the green certificate of EPS, while our central building uses its own solar panels. We also want to encourage our clients to be environmentally responsible through the offer of new green banking products that we are intensively developing and which will include financial, expert and advisory support. We confirm this through the new call of the Generator Zero project, which we are opening today for all projects and solutions that aim to reduce the carbon footprint. We also get support for the green strategy from the parent OTP Group, which has signed for all member banks the United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking, it is a unique framework for a sustainable business of this sector, developed through partnerships between banks around the world and the Environmental Financial Initiative Program, in the field of the UN environment. Thus, we have joined the world’s largest banking community focused on sustainable financing” said Predrag Mihajlović, President of the Executive Board and CEO of OTP banka Srbija.

Generator Zero is dedicated to supporting and rewarding innovative projects that represent sustainable solutions with a realistic and measurable impact on reducing carbon footprint, as one of today’s biggest challenges. The competition is open for micro, small, medium enterprises, startup companies, startup informal teams and entrepreneurs, who can apply through the website www.generator.rs until December 20, 2021. The award of OTP bank for the winning solution is a monetary amount of two million dinars, as well as long-term expert support in the field of business expansion and finding new development opportunities. The importance of the Generator has been recognized by numerous partners: Mastercard, Schneider Electric, Bosch, ICT HUB, Serbia Innovates, Initiative Digital Serbia, Netokracija and BOS – Belgrade Open School, as well as the OTP Lab innovation hub of the OTP Group and the Portfolio investment fund. For the best finalists, the project partners also provide numerous valuable prizes.

Branimir Spasić, CFO and Member of the Executive Board of OTP Banka Srbija

At the event organized by OTP bank for the media, CFO and Member of the Executive Board of OTP banka Srbija, Branimir Spasić presented the financial results and on that occasion pointed out that OTP Banka ranks first place in the market today, in terms of lending to the economy and households with a total of EUR 3.9 billion in loans, with 5.3 billion euros in assets and a net profit of 54 million euros at the end of the third quarter of this year, which is a growth of 100% compared to the same period last year.

Vuk Kosovac, Head of Retail and Member of the Executive Board of OTP banka Srbija

Vuk Kosovac, Head of Retail and Member of the Executive Board of OTP banka Srbija, reminded that OTP bank is a pioneer in digitalization and introduction of innovations on the Serbian banking market and concluded: “Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and as a true partner, we plan to be even more supportive of them in the future. We will be with them and always look for the opportunity to bring the best solutions from the region and the world for their needs. In order to not only react to changes in clients’ habits but also direct them towards new and more practical solutions, clients of the new OTP bank are available numerous, the most modern ways of managing personal finances. ”

Milena Mićanović, Director of Communications and Public Relations of OTP banka Srbija

OTP also received recognition from the Global Finance New York magazine for the best bank for small and medium enterprises and for private banking in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as for the best financial laboratory for innovation in the world.

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