Pancevo’s Brose Duathlon: Duathlon race on 12th of May

The city of Pancevo is buzzing with anticipation as the 2nd edition of Pancevo’s Brose Duathlon is set to take place on May 12, 2024. Organized by the Triathlon Club “Tamis” in collaboration with Serbian Triathlon, this event not only aims to promote health, sport, and team spirit but also to showcase the potential for a clean and sustainable industry in the Vojvodina region

After the overwhelming success of its inaugural race last year, the organizers are aiming high, expecting to attract over 200 participants, including elite athletes, age groupers, and youngsters. The duathlon, taking place in the North Industry zone of Pancevo at the Brose parking area, promises a day filled with competition, camaraderie, and celebration.

The race comprises running and biking segments, with a sprint duathlon race for seasoned competitors and shorter races tailored for young athletes. For those who specialize in one aspect of the duathlon, a team relay option is available, encouraging wider participation. The event’s inclusive approach is evident in its adherence to the rules of WT/ET/ST and its open invitation to all athletes holding a national triathlon license. Provision is also made for participants without a license, who can obtain a one-day license at registration, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to compete.

Safety and fairness are paramount, with medical assistance organized along the route and near the finish line and the Serbian Triathlon Referee Association overseeing the arbitration. Participants are required to sign a disclaimer, acknowledging their participation is at their own risk and releasing the organizers from liability in case of injury or loss.

The day will culminate in an awards ceremony, celebrating the top finishers across various divisions. This celebration of athletic achievement is also a testament to the community spirit of Pancevo and the vision of a sustainable future for its industry.

As Pancevo prepares to welcome athletes, spectators, and sports enthusiasts to the Brose parking, the excitement is palpable. The Pancevo’s Brose Duathlon is not just a race; it’s a statement of community, sustainability, and the unifying power of sport. Join us on this remarkable journey on the 12th of May 2024, and be a part of something truly special.

Date and Time: Sunday 12th May 2024

Location: Pancevo, North Industry zone – Brose parking

Organizer: Triathlon Club “Tamis”

Arbitration: Serbian Triathlon Referee Association

Prepare to experience the synergy of athleticism and environmental consciousness in the heart of Vojvodina. The Pancevo’s Brose Duathlon beckons – a celebration of physical endurance, communal spirit, and a greener future.


Photo: Aleksandar Stojković and Loredane George

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