Philip Morris launched IQOS in Serbia

The company Philip Morris in Serbia launched IQOS (, an electronic device that heats rather than burns specially designed cartridges of real tobacco.

In this process it retains the same level of nicotine and a real taste of tobacco, but it eliminates some of the negative effects that result from cigarette smoking, such as smoke, ash, odour and which is very important, the negative impact on the environment. IQOS is the first of four potentially less harmful products on which the company Philip Morris has been working on it for more than a decade, investing more than $3 billion in research and development. These studies have shown that the level of harmful and potentially harmful substances in the tobacco generated using IQOS times up to 95 percent lower than the combustion of the cigarette. At the opening event staged at Yugoslav Film Archive on the occasion of the launch of a new product, Jelena Pavlović, general manager of the company Philip Morris for Southeast Europe, said that IQOS at the moment was used by 1.5 million people worldwide. “And here, after 20 countries, all of which are either much larger or richer than our Serbia, IQOS has just this evening arrived in Belgrade” said Jelena Pavlović. IQOS is be available in Serbia from 3 April, with shops in Belgrade, in shopping malls like Ušće, Delta City, Mercator and Stadion, as well as in 20 other locations in Belgrade and Niš. The price of the package, which consists of devices and a box of tobacco cartridges will be 5,990 dinars with the registration of the consumer at the point of sale. Packs of 20 cartridges of tobacco will be purchased separately at more than 600 stores in the two cities for the price of 250 dinars.

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