PM Vučić Visited Telenor

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić visited today Telenor, the largest individual investor in Serbia. On that occasion, a working meeting was held with the presence of Ingeborg Øfsthus, General Manager of Telenor in Serbia, H. E. Arne Sannes Bjørnstad, Ambassador of Norway, Rasim Ljajić, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and Ana Brnabić, Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government.


“The Serbian government has invested significant efforts in improving business conditions and investment climate in Serbia. We want to digitise society in Serbia because the new solutions enable the quality of life of citizens and have numerous benefits both in the private sector and the state” said Ingeborg Øfsthus. “Telenor is the largest foreign investor in Serbia. Over 10 years, the company has grown in line with Norwegian values ​​dating from 1855. Today, Telenor is one of the best promoters of Serbia, as a place for business development” said H. E. Arne Sannes Bjørnstad.

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