PMI dedicated to the smokeless world

Philip Morris International Inc. reaffirmed its determination to participate in creating a future without tobacco smoke. More than one million adult smokers smoking but instead chose the use IQOS-a, a leading products with fireproof tobacco.


The company is making further efforts to expand the offer of smokeless tobacco products that they can gradually replace cigarettes. provides insight into this different vision of its future in which new products can have a significant impact on adult smokers and society. ,, Adult smokers seek alternative tobacco products which can, to the greatest extent possible, preserve the taste, ritual and enjoyment which provide the cigarettes, but also emit a much smaller amount of harmful substances ” said Tony Snyder, Vice President for communications at PMI. ,, After more than ten years of research and development, we now have the technology to produce these products for 1.1 billion adult smokers in the world.” IQOS is one of four products with no smoke coming from the PMI. It was launched in 2014 and will later this year be available in major cities in more than 30 markets.

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