Požarevac First in the Region – Bambi Introduced a Unique Center for Innovation

The Bambi company presented its Center for Research and Development within the factory in Požarevac, which was created with the idea of gathering top technologists and cross-referencing their knowledge in the search for innovative recipes that will satisfy the needs of consumers

This center covers 1,400 square meters of functional space, and 2.5 million euros were invested in its construction. It started operating in early 2023. What makes it unique is the mini production line, which allows greater flexibility in developing new products.

Dragan Stajković, CEO of Bambi

As the CEO of Bambi, Dragan Stajković, points out, innovation is a key element of the company’s development strategy, as well as a response to the dynamic environment in which it operates.

Today, you cannot be a market leader if you are not a leader in innovation simultaneously. This is exactly why we opened the R&D center, with which we came out with as many as four innovations in the last quarter of last year alone – Wellnesscompletely covered in chocolate, Winter Plasma in two flavors, the redesign of the Plasma Cube, and already in such a short time the favorite Plasma from the Heart in two flavors: hazelnut and orange. Innovations are also necessary when it comes to business expansion, especially now that in 2024 we plan to be present in 28 countries around the world and expand to another continent, Africa,” said Stajković and added that the R&D center would be significant for strengthening partner relations with suppliers, universities, and institutions.

In addition to the unique Center for Research and Development, works on the expansion of the infrastructure, the introduction of new technologies, the automation of packaging, and the arrival of new lines at the factory in Požarevac are also planned. All of this is part of the Master Plan, the implementation of which in the coming years will bring a complete transformation of the company, and in 2024 alone, an investment of close to 12 million euros is planned, which will be the largest single investment in the company’s history. With this and other phases, Bambi will have the possibility to double or even triple the current production and enable the supply of Central Europe.

Ognjen Lazić, Director of Marketing and Commex

Director of Marketing and Commex, Ognjen Lazić, looked back at the results from the previous year and pointed out that, although 2023 was challenging, Bambi can boast of great results.

Compared to 2022, we ended last year with an increase in net sales revenue of 16 million euros and a growth of 15 percent, and at the same time, we had record investments in CAPEX and marketing support. In 2024, we will continue with significant marketing investments with a special focus on the development of brands outside the Serbian market, as well as on increasing the rate of innovation, in which our Research and Development Center will play a major role, as well as employees who are the company’s biggest driving force,Lazić revealed.

In the R&D center, the focus is on sustainable business, so in accordance with that, work is also being done on new, fully recyclable types of packaging, as well as on the introduction of certified raw materials from sustainable sources. We are also committed to developing recipes with reduced amounts of salt, sugar, and fat. In addition to investments in the development of production capacity, during 2024, the installation of solar panels in the factory is planned, as well as the improvement of the energy efficiency of the entire equipment and the introduction of hybrid vehicles.


Photo: Red Fox Studio

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