PREDRAG ARMUŠ, Henkel Serbia: We Respect the Community in WHICH WE OPERATE

PREDRAG ARMUŠ is the General manager of Henkel Serbia & Export Markets Adhesive Technologies, Construction and Consumers & Craftsmen

As leaders in the production of construction adhesives, we strive to keep up with the market needs and actively invest in innovation to provide real support to our partners and consumers. That is why it is important for us to cultivate close and honest relationships with them

Predrag Armuš, General manager Henkel Serbia & Export markets, was appointed General manager of Adhesive Technologies Division in Henkel Serbia in September 2016. Previously, he was the Managing Director of Henkel Bosnia and Herzegovina where he had accomplished excellent results. “It’s a pleasure to work in an environment of inspired people who have a creative approach to their daily tasks. Our team is made up of exceptional professionals, while our high awareness of the market and consumer needs makes us a reliable and professional partner,” says Mr Armuš.

What is your Division’s position in Henkel’s global plans?

The Adhesive Technologies sector offers a wide range of adhesives and globally speaking, occupies a leading position in this segment, both in the consumer goods market and the B2B segment. Our products can stick together anything you can imagine – from packaging, clothing and footwear to aviation and automotive products. As reliable partners in different industries, we always strive to further increase technological efficiency, speed and quality of delivery through technological innovation. All this makes the Adhesive Technologies sector a very important segment in the Henkel Company. When it comes to our country, investments in manufacturing have helped us to position ourselves as an extremely important location for the region but are also a sign that we enjoy Henkel’s trust at the global level.

Which of your brands are most sought after?

Our industrial adhesives are widely used and our adhesives could well be used to glue parts of your mobile phone. Brands such as Bonderite, Technomelt, Teroson and Aquence are an integral part of products without which you cannot imagine your daily life.

What is your plan for improving the company’s operations in the future?

We are aware that as leaders in the segment of construction adhesives, we need to recognize the market needs and actively invest in innovation to provide real support to our partners and consumers. Together with them, we develop and nurture mutual relationships, and we respect the community in which we operate. We have recently launched a series of events called “Ceresit Meet-Up”, in which we share experiences with our distinguished architects and learn about the latest trends in architecture. We had the honour of having Vladimir Lovrić, the renowned architect and director of Archisolar, as the first lecturer in our programme. Having a strong bond with our craftsmen is always at the forefront of us, so every year we implement the Ceresit Loyalty programme, as well as meet with our loyal customers to thank them for their trust and cooperation. Recently, we also had the opportunity to support the great and very important mission of the Novak Djoković Foundation of opening a kindergarten in the village of Ljukovo near Indjija. This is the second kindergarten in which construction we participated. The project has a special sentimental value for us, given that the kindergarten is located near Ceresit’s production site. In the past year, we have supported various associations, and I would especially like to point out the initiative by the brand Moment to help the NORBS Plus Foundation. These humanitarian campaigns mean a lot to our team and the company’s strategic direction, and especially for perceiving Ceresit as a socially responsible brand.

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