Presentation of the Foundation “Jovanka Broz” in Association with Diplomacy&Commerce Magazine

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Presentation of the Foundation “Jovanka Broz” in Association with Diplomacy&Commerce Magazine
Diplomacy And Commerce
Exclusive Auction of
Authentic Photographs of
Jovanka Broz






Presentation of the Foundation
We are pleased to announce a unique auction featuring original photographs of Jovanka Broz. The proceeds from this auction will be allocated for two significant purposes: firstly, to support the preservation and conservation of the Jovanka Broz Dress Collection, a remarkable cultural and historical treasure; and secondly, to contribute to organizations dedicated to advocating for the rights and support of women who have suffered from violence and neglect.
How You Can Contribute?
– The available exhibits will be listed with designated prices during the presentation of the Foundation “Jovanka Broz”, which will be held at The Babe Boutique Hotel in Belgrade on the 7th of December 2023 at 6:00 p.m.
– You will receive payment instructions at the presentation.
– Upon successful completion of the transaction, you will be the esteemed owner of the selected piece.
– Collection details for the acquired artwork will be provided at the presentation at The Babe Boutique Hotel, Vase Pelagica 12a, Belgrade.

Special Offer for Donors:

– At the presentation to the foundation, you can choose a photo for yourself from Jovanka Broz’s personal archive. Your donation will be very important for the preservation of the collection, and the creations of the Museum of First Ladies.

We invite you to partake in this exclusive opportunity to not only own a piece of history but also to contribute to a noble cause. Your support is invaluable in our collective efforts to preserve cultural heritage and champion the rights of women.

If you are interested in any specific photography, please send an e-mail to – and we will send you all the instructions.

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