Promotion of the bilingual brochure of the National Action Plan

Text: Bojana Lalić Šević
A bilingual brochure of the National Action Plan for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 – Women, Peace, Security in the Republic of Serbia (2017-2020) was promoted yesterday in the Belgrade House of the Serbian Armed Forces.

Speaking about the importance of efficient implementation of this document, State Secretary in the Ministry of Defense Aleksandar Živković pointed out that the brochure, was created as a product of the working group of the Government and at the initiative of the Ministry of Defense, contributed to the public promotion of the goals set by the Republic of Serbia in the field of gender equality and peacekeeping security in the country and in the world.
-According to the 2010 data, the representation of women in command leadership positions in institutions in the security system amounted to 14.47 percent, while in June this year it is 17.47 percent, and this percentage will increase in the future because women are increasingly enrolling military academy and other institutions that train personnel for the security system – said state secretary in the Ministry of Defense, Aleksandar Zivkovic, adding that, thanks to everything done so far, girls in Serbia can now fully equal with men to compete and school in all areas of military education and training.
-We expect that the brochure will find a quick way to the final beneficiaries, thanks to the efficient operation of the operational body for the implementation of that plan, the constitution being in progress said, Nina Mitic, Assistant Minister for Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs.
The promotion was also addressed by the State Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the President of the Working Group of the Government for drafting the National Action Plan, Predrag Peruničić and Ambassador Andrea Oricio, the Head of the OSCE Mission to Serbia who pointed out that the OSCE Mission in Serbia,is  a true and honest partnership, supporting the efforts of the Government of Serbia to develop a new National Action Plan for the next three years, but that support would not be possible without the donation of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

After the main part of the promotion, a discussion on the topic “Challenges of the implementation of the NAP and how to successfully manage them” was followed by Zoran Antonijevic, representative of the OSCE mission in Serbia, attended by Stojanka Lekic, a member of the Working Group of the Government and the President of the Monitoring Commission implementation of the NAP in the Assembly of AP Vojvodina, Dr. Biljana Stojković, NAP Coordinator from the Ministry of Defense, Dr. Zorica Mršević, representative of the Institute for Social Research and the head of the NAP project and Lt. Col. Svetlana Jankovic, member of the Working Group Vla e. This was the ending ceremony attended by high-ranking officials, members of the Government Working Group for the drafting of this document, diplomatic and consular representatives of foreign countries in the Republic of Serbia

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