Promotion of the book “Lost in the Plain” in Sremska Mitrovica

On Thursday, April 19, in the Reading Room of the Gligorije Vozarović Library in Sremska Mitrovica, another one in the series of promotion of the book “Lost in the Plain” by Žikica Milošević was held.

The promotion was attended by: Robert Čoban, CPG President, as moderator, Žikica Milošević, author, Vladislav Varga – Greek Catholic priest from S. Mitrovica, Miljan Garčević – historian, Svetlana Sabo – director of TO SM as well as Igor Šćurk – Ukrainian from Mitrovica who appears in the book. “There is also the story of Vladimir Manjko, who is a representative of Rusyns, I based a lot of stories on Mitrovica because it was the closest to me and I knew it the best, so some stories about the Czechs and the Poles or the Germans are based on Mitrovacian stories. Vojvodina was like Nebraska or Australia, a colony that was to be settled”- said Milošević. From the local Greek Catholic parish Vladislav Varga, we also heard the story almost unknown to the public story, unrelated to the book story, about the women’s monastery of St. Petka near Paraćin where the Serbian Orthodox nuns take care of over 90 children with special needs. Igor Šćurk stressed that his ancestors came from western Ukraine first to Prnjavor surroundings in Bosnia, and 60s and 70s to Srem. Historian Garčević underlined that “they also came here in search of a better life and they wandered, they did not know where they would be taken, as the seeds in the wind were scattered and grown. They were received by the plain, but some went further way, and some people here found their peace.”


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