Public consultations on the “Economic Reform Program” (ERP) for the period 2018-2020 organized with the National Convention on the EU

Organisations and institutions gathered in the National Convention on the EU held a consultative meeting on the Economic Reform Program (ERP) 2018-2020 in the Club of Deputies.

Consultations of this kind represent the traditional cooperation between state institutions and the civil sector in the drafting of this strategic and inter-sectoral document. Within the framework of the National Convention on the EU, several institutions and organisations are co-operating – the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank of Serbia, the Republic Secretariat for Public Policy, representatives of the line ministries of the Government of Serbia, civil society organisations and the meeting was attended by trade unions, experts and the general public. In his introductory address, Minister of Finance Dušan Vujović emphasized the significance of the programme and explained the steps in its preparation and implementation. “The aim of this Programme is to improve our own way of planning and implementing major projects and to improve the way we see the necessary resources in relation to the planned and expected results. By defining our priorities, we provide the best way to bring our desires into available frameworks from the standpoint of the budget, as well as from the point of view of deadlines and capacities” the minister said.

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